Nina and the Neurons – Go Digital

Changes in the National Curriculum have meant that all UK primary school children are being introduced to coding skills at an early age, thankfully Nina and the Neurons are on hand to help with this Go Digital game.

Tasked with the difficult challenge of introducing 4-6 year olds to the concepts of programming, we created this platform puzzle game where you have to guide a robot through a variety of levels, fixing bugs in it’s instructions. On the way you’ll have to deal with lifts, tunnels and tubes in order to create the clean, functional code!

Project notes

Continuing our work on CBeebies Playtime, this Nina and the Neurons game required us to work closely to the new curriculum coding guidelines for Key Stage 1. Programming can be a tricky subject to communicate, but our approach of presenting it through logical puzzles in a familiar platform game environment has met with great reactions from children, parents and teachers.

Split across three different chapters there is a distinct difficulty curve in effect, with strict game design rules in place ensuring that children are shown how new commands work before being given the opportunity to use them.

We’re very proud to think that we’ve helped the games programmers of the future take their first steps in learning to code!