Mint Master is now live!

By June 3, 2013Blog, Project

BREAKING NEWS: Mobile Pie’s latest client game is up and running and waiting for your download!

Lately Mobile Pie has been rubbing shoulders with Britain’s bejeweled establishment, teaming up with none other than the Historic Royal Palaces and The Royal Mint Museum to bring you a brand new mobile game fit for a king (sorry.)

Mint Master takes you through the process of minting coins for the King, Queen, or whomever has beheaded the last guardian of the tower, seeing you hiring and firing, melting and smelting. Can you reach the top over 9 episodes to eventually oversee the entire operation? (It’s like The Apprentice, minus all cliched, egotistical catchphrases.)

This addictive strategy management game spans 3 historical eras and is based on real historic people, places and events. Interact with colourful characters from history, survive terrible events from the past, catch crooks and counterfeiters and grow the Mint from a couple of sheds to a full-blown factory!

Make enough money and complete your objectives to complete each stage and unlock achievement badges, and, most excitingly, play the game on-site at the Tower of London to unlock exclusive content…

Can you make the country’s coins and become Mint Master at the Tower of London?

This game accompanies the exhibition ‘Coins and Kings: The Royal Mint at the Tower’ at the Tower of London. Visit for more info.